Sombra En Malla

anti-hail covers

Anti-hail covers for automotive plants

Sombra en Malla Company it’s specialist in all types of anti-hail shadecloth for automotive packaging industry, taking care of your most important and value assets against climatic change

Our objective is protect your investments in assets protecting them from hail, our commitment is to offer protection to your vehicle that are ready to go to the market. We have various designs on anti-hail mesh depending on the dimensions of the area to be covered. 


Protect your vehicle of the Uv rays, all our anti hail covers have warranty of more than 10 years, counting with different kind of mesh. Our structure have a galvanized finish giving durability of more than 39 years.


Sombra en Malla Company has extensive experience on anti-hail covers in the automotive industry with highly qualified candidates in industrial security protocols and turnkey projects management. Your investment needs to be protected against hail on a large scale, our company develop the design the best suits your needs, service throughout America.

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